Brillantmont International School is looking to recruit the following male pastoral staff to join their Boarding team for the 2021-2022 academic year:

Male Boarding Houseparent for the Boys' Boarding House – Term time only

To be a key member of the Pastoral Team

1. Goals and Objectives

To use leadership, organisational skills and professional skills to:

  • Assure the smooth running of the Boarding House emphasising good communication amongst the students and staff working within the boarding school
  • Serve as a professional role model for the Brillantmont boarding students
  • Oversee and manage the conduct and discipline of the boarders applying Brillantmont’s rules consistently
  • Actively support the Head of Boarding or Senior Houseparent by encouraging students to participate in clubs, activities and trips
  • Collate weekly student monitoring notes and raise concerns to the Head of Boarding
  • Set a good example in terms of dress, punctuality and attendance
  • Be a positive role model in all aspects of professional and private life
  • Accurately report and collaborate with the Head of Boarding on all matters relating to boarding
  • Actively promote Brillantmont’s Guiding and Mission Statements.

2. Key responsibilities

Under the responsibility of the Head of Boarding you will be expected to:


  • Nurture a family atmosphere of trust, support and guidance
  • Adopt a holistic approach to the students’ education and development
  • Provide an environment where students feel safe, comfortable and secure
  • Take measures to ensure students social integration
  • Monitor the physical and psychological health of the students
  • Assist with the ongoing monitoring of student behavior and progress and report concerns to the Head of Boarding or Senior Houseparent in a timely manner using all available reporting systems
  • Promote a peaceful environment in the boarding house which actively supports rest
  • Promptly communicate any medical concerns to the appropriate senior member of staff


  • Develop purposeful activities to help new students settle and integrate the new students with the current students
  • Put strategies in place which nurture the development of a community
  • Ensure, in conjunction with the Head of Boarding, the distribution and understanding of the Student Boarding Handbook

Academic focus

  • Promote academic ambition and achievement
  • Follow the academic progress providing support and guidance to each boarding house student
  • Actively support the academic development of each boarding house student
  • Communicate meaningfully with the Academic Direction
  • Provide support and guidance to students experiencing academic challenges.

Personal development

  • Promote the importance of personal hygiene and ensure boarding students adhere to the school dress code
  • Engender respectful behaviour stressing the importance of sharing ideas and listening to others
  • Engage with students over personal appearance agreeing upon what is appropriate whilst remaining sensitive to the individual
  • Ensure students are punctual
  • Provide avenues for students to voice grievances ensuring an appropriate course of behaviour and action
  • Educate the development of personal responsibility
  • Promote respect for table manners and a relaxed atmosphere at meal times


  • Organise team building opportunities which celebrate internationalism, raising and cultivating international awareness
  • Structure activities which enhance global awareness
  • Provide avenues for students to celebrate their cultures and learn from other cultures

Global Citizenship

  • Promote an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect necessary for living in an international community
  • Educate on sustainability and responsible use of resources, promoting a Green community
  • Organise opportunities for students to engage in service and charity work

Learning experiences

  • Promote independent learners with ambition through celebrating success
  • Help students manage their ambitions purposefully
  • Provide educational activities making the learning explicit
  • Promote an understanding of the need for an all-round development of the student
  • Promote opportunities for the students to benefit from the local environment with particular focus on learning French

Child safety

  • Collaborate with existing systems in place to monitor student location
  • Provide clear communication procedures for what to do if a child is missing
  • Report any possible hazards or concerns to the Direction and Head of Boarding without delay
  • Communication with the Health Department
  • Take measures to ensure confidentiality of students’ health issues
  • Be aware of students’ needs whilst monitoring and supporting effectively
  • Provide clear written and oral communication with the Health Department and senior staff of any concerns about student health
  • Implement any guidance provided by the Health Department
  • Observe the students closely to ensure early detection of possible concerns

Collation of Evidence

  • Support students in recording their experiences, reflecting on the learning achieved and making a meaningful comment in their digital portfolio
  • Ensure all lists for trip participation are accurate
  • Ensure completion of all boarding administrative processes


  • Liaise regularly with the Head of Boarding and Senior Houseparent and deputise where necessary during periods of absence
  • Communicate concerns and regularly appraise the Head of Boarding as to student and Assistant House Parent’s progress
  • Line manage and support the Assistant House Parents when working within the boarding department
  • Undertake on call periods when deputising for the Head of Boarding or senior Houseparent
  • Undertake any tasks reasonably requested by the Head of Boarding or Senior Houseparent that support the boarding ethos and the wider school community

3. Working Hours

  1. a) According to the published rota, fixed at the beginning of each term
  2. b) Two consecutive days and one night off per week (when not preceding point
  3. c) Three consecutive days and two nights off per month

4. Accommodation and food

When on duty, you will be expected to sleep in one of the boarding houses and will have your own bedroom and bathroom on one of the floors with the students, and you must eat the meals with the students. It is also possible for you to eat meals in school during your free time if you so wish.

When you are off duty, you live in one of the houses reserved for house parents and share the facilities: bathroom, kitchen, sitting room.

5. Key characteristics

We would love to hear from you if you:

- are male
- are flexible, sensible and approchable
- are pro-active, enthusiastic and good at motivating others
- are a good communicator, particularly with teenagers
- are keen on sports and the outdoors
- have a driving license
- hold an  EU passport. Please note - following the UK’s exit from the EU , as from 1 January 2021, UK citizens are no longer citizens of the EU.

 Please fill-in the job application form below.