“We commend the school for actively promoting attitudes and behaviours that lead to mutual trust and respect across all cultures and all ages.” (ECIS / NEASC re-accreditation report, June 2014)

“Gimme five” good reasons to come to BM

  1. Brillantmont is a small school in which every student receives personal attention, outstanding pastoral support and care.
  2. Average class size of 12 means students benefit from close teacher contact.
  3. Brillantmont students do well academically and leave the school with internationally recognised qualifications.
  4. 100% of Brillantmont students continue to higher education.
  5. Brillantmont students are confident, outgoing, accomplished, with a sense of fun and used to living with others of different nationalities.


What’s life at Brillantmont really like?

Listen to some of our students talking about their Brillantmont experience:

My BM in Spanish (Colombian)
My BM in Spanish
My BM in Taiwanese
My BM in Turkish
My BM in German
My BM in Bulgarian

BM Channel

“Drama has taught me not only to act but it gave me the confidence and the skills for public speaking.”

Emile from Switzerland joined Brillantmont in 2011

Student House Leader for one year.
Participated in drama club, BM rock band, Model United Nations (The Hague), astronomy club.
Fluent in German, French, English.

“I want to study Business Administration and become a diplomat. Brillantmont is helping in this because it is very international and the diversity is helping me understand more about the world.”

Rafaela from Brazil joined Brillantmont in 2013

Student leader.
Participated in volleyball club, Model United Nations (The Hague), fitness club.
Fluent in Portuguese, English, French, German.

“The classes are small, interesting and fun and the teachers always find different ways to make things understandable.”

Tanan from New Zealand joined Brillantmont in 2009

Student House Leader for three years.
Participated in swimming club, trampoline club, football team, waterpolo club, BM rock band, archaeological society, tennis club, cooking club, drama club, Model United Nations (Singapore & The Hague), vocal club, running club, library supervisor.
Fluent in Mongolian, English, French.

“Before I was shy but now I have lots of friends and am making new ones every day. I also have a self-confidence that I didn’t have before that my family and friends out of school have also noticed.”

Ella Marie from the UK joined Brillantmont in 2013

Participated in drama club, photography club.
Fluent in English, French.

“I just became Student House Leader and I am aware of the responsibility I have. I want to become a role model for the younger students.”

Antonio from Spain joined Brillantmont in 2013

Student leader.
Participated in tootball team, tennis club, Maths support group (coaching), Model United Nations (The Hague).
Fluent in Spanish, English, French.

“MUN has played the most vital and important role in my time at BM as it has sparked my ambition to study Politics at a top university. Being elected Student Officer for conferences in Singapore (2013) and The Hague (2014) has equipped me with essential skills which will follow me for the rest of my life and enable me to be successful at university.”

Marc from Spain joined Brillantmont in 2009

Participated in : tennis team, football team, Model United Nations (The Hague & Singapore), global perspectives club.
Fluent in Spanish, English, French, Chinese.

“Brillantmont has made me believe in myself and made me more confident in myself, my grades and my schoolwork. I feel a lot more independent and have also become a more grateful person.”

Megan from the UK joined Brillantmont in 2012

Participated in cooking club, photography club, tennis club and Model United Nations club.
Fluent in English, French.

School accreditations

For 33 years

Brillantmont has been accredited since 1983 by:

The re-accreditation report of June 2014 describes Brillantmont as having “a positive school climate, where the needs of individual students are paramount.”

UK Education System

Brillantmont is a University of Cambridge International Examinations Centre and was awarded Fellowship status in 2002.

Brillantmont is an examination centre for:

US Education System

Brillantmont is a US College Board recognised examination centre for:

Swiss Learning

Brillantmont International School is a member of Swiss Learning, whose objective is to promote the excellence of Swiss education. Only fully accredited establishments (boarding schools, hotel schools and federal universities) are eligible to join this platform.



Within CIS membership are schools that have achieved a mark of high quality and rigour - CIS International Accreditation. This recognition signifies that the school has completed a comprehensive self-study and international peer review as part of a continuous improvement process focusing on standards and indicators that promote the development of student knowledge, skills, attributes and actions aligned with the CIS Definition of Global Citizenship. Colleges and universities worldwide acknowledge that a CIS Accredited School meets internationally-agreed and recognised standards and develops global citizens with the qualities and skills that they are seeking in students.

CIS International Accreditation is recognised by the National Association of Independent Schools (USA), and by many government and non-government agencies around the world.

Philosophy & Objectives

Our philosophy

To encourage students to realise their potential in a supportive environment.

Our objectives

To develop a sense of community

by sustaining the family atmosphere within Brillantmont, creating an environment in which all members of the school community share ideas and listen to the views of others.


To offer an extra-curricular programme

which complements the academic programme and contributes towards the all-round development of the individual.

To offer an academic programme

which is internationally recognised and addresses the individual needs of its student body;
which helps students set attainable academic goals and make informed choices shaping their immediate future;
which facilitates and encourages the appropriate use of ICT within the school community, keeping abreast of relevant technological developments.

To develop a sense of internationalism

by celebrating the cultural diversity of the school community, promoting understanding, respect and interest towards our valuable resource of cultures and languages;
by taking advantage of the natural, sporting and cultural wealth within the region thereby encouraging the learning and comprehension of French.

Download our Philosophy & Objectives (PDF)